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About Us
So who are we?

You might be wondering who we are. Well we're called Succession Films. We are a small collective of filmmakers and creative thinkers based in London. We have a strong passion for film and love being able to tell a story through our work.


We are built up of a multicultural group who all specialize in different aspects of creative story telling. Our experiences range from cinematography, editing in feature films, and producing for television shows. 

Fancy knowing about the different members of the team? All you need to do is click the "Our Team" button at the top of the page or here to see the faces that build Succession Films! 



How do we work?
What services do we offer?

Here at Succession Films we offer a service that will leave our clients feeling happy and well looked after. 


We work with our clients from start to finish on a project to make sure that they are more than happy with the final product. From the creative process to the final edit we will put your ideas into everything we do so that what you imagined is played on a screen in front of you. 


From visual effects and graphics to some of the smoothest camera work you will ever see we are constantly updating our knowledge of the industry along with our understanding of the latest software and equipment. 

We operate within several different spheres of the film and video world. The types of productions we can work on are listed below;


 - Training videos and tutorials


 - Corporate and private business videos


 - Commercial and advertising


 - Documentary Filmmaking


 - Visual Effects Compositing/Editing 


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