Here are some pictures from our projects and edits! 

A man who's ready for action...
Antonio getting ready for the shoot while the stunt performers warm up with a quick thumb war in the background!
Action shots are always fun!
Running through the action, here you can see Antonio mid scene as he runs to keep up with the stunts.
Good times with fake rocks!
Antonio on set filming the final scene where Kerry is killed with a prop rock.
Teddy getting his hands on a jib!
Antonio testing out his new jib!
We were at Pure London 2015!
We were lucky to be able to go to Pure London 2015 this year! Pure is the biggest fashion retailing event in London and we were at the front rows there to film the latest fashion trends as they were being showcased to everyone!
Antonio hard at work as always!
Interview with Sara K
While we were at Pure London we filmed an interview with Sara Khan, who is a UK fashion blogger who has reported for the BBC!
One interview, several locations!
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Photos by: Antonio Pavlov