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Our Projects


Acrobat at Work!

On the right here you can see a showreel that was done for our acrobat friend, who you guys might know as a stunt man and actor in some of our productions. 

He's an incredibly talented acrobat and you guys should expect a lot more from him in the future!

Watch his Showreel here!

SkyQuake is an exciting new project we are proud to announce. Once again it is that time of the year when the MyRodeReel film competition from Rode Microphones. This certainly was one of our most ambitious projects, due to scheduling conflicts with one of our stunt performers we had to hold off on shooting this until a week before the deadline for the competition. 

We managed to shoot this short all in a day and had the final edit done in two days! 

This project is based on the idea of SkyQuakes, a phenomenon recorded around the world where large metallic sounds can be heard from the skies. 

The idea in this short is that the earth has had all of its resources taken away and humans have to fight each other in order to survive. 

It stars Charlee DeBolla and Kerry Jackson who you guys might recognize from some of our other projects. 

Knowledge Bomb inbound!

The rock prop we used in this scene was actually made with several sponges glued together and then cut to look like a rock/spray painted with textured paint!
Watch SkyQuake here!
Burnt Out!

Burnt Out is the latest short film from Succession Films founder, Antonio Pavlov. It's a 3 minute long film that was entered into the MyRodeReel 2015 competition. 


Burnt Out is a story about a young man with the ability to generate fire from his hands, the only issue is that he sucks at using his power!


It stars Teddy Mills, who is also involved with Succession Films and adds a vibrant and energetic attitude to all of our productions. 

Watch it here!

Here is another knowledge bomb for ya! BOOM!

During the making of Burnt Out our behind the scenes girl Natalie forgot to charge her camera battery so we had to use a GoPro Hero 4 provided to us by our actor Teddy!

We had to make a small change to our live action Day Z project. We decided that it had been done before, a few times actually, and we thought we should go along with something that different to other films out there. 


We don't want to reveal too much but we thought we would create a "zombie" like feel to it without having any zombies in the actual film.

Live Action Day Z

For those of you who are not familiar with Day Z, it is an open world survival game where you have to face off zombies as well as bandits in a zombie infested Russia. 


We here at Succession are such big fans of the game that we decided to create a short live action version of it. 


Currently in production we hope to release it in the summer of 2014

A little teaser shot from Day Z ----->

Projects re-done!!!

So we have some exciting news that may not be considered so exciting by some but for us it is. We are re making our first ever film "Days After". We have a bigger crew, more actors and zombies, more equipment, better props and make up and a longer script! Antonio decided to re make this film seeing as one of our main actors for our film project "Debts" had to go to Australia to do his own stuff. So "Debts"has been put on hold for now until he returns. On the right is the original poster for "Days After" and soon we will be releasing the design fot the new one!

This here is a knowledge bomb! BOOM!

Our first film "Days After" was half filmed on our camera, the other half on the directors Ipad!
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