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Here it is, yet another Knowledge bomb!

This design is being done in another style so it can be printed on posters for our office! 

It's been a while since we added some news to the website, and we're sorry for that, we really are. But with preparing for several projects and doing other work we haven't had much time to update the site. But here's a bit of good news.....well...good news for us anyway. We are working on three short films and a bunch of short sketches that we'll have regular updates on our twitter page and possibly on our blog here! 


One of our films you already might have heard about and seen the teasers on our YouTube channel. It's called Viral and is about a viral outbreak of epic proportions that sends the world into total chaos. This film is taking a little longer to complete because we really want to get our locations sorted out to give us the best look for our film. 


The second film is Reality where we explore the crazy world of lucid dreaming and virtual reality. 


Our final film is called Doors and is a result of an idea thought of while writing the script for Reality and we're developing it currently. 


That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for more! 


Whispers is a new short film project that is in the works. We can't give away too much but in three words we hope it to be...Scary...Unique...Awesome!



Once the first draft of the script is finished and looked at we hope to begin production immediately after!

New logo!!!​

We are proud to announce that Succession Films has an all new logo!


After some creative thinking and looking into what we are all about Antonio and an amazing graphics designer finally came up with what you see to the right! 



We've been working on some new designs for our company t-shirts. This has been an idea going on for a while and our graphic designer friend Andrew over at Visual Obliteration worked really hard on getting the exact representation of what we do and putting it on a t-shirt design.

Soon enough all of us here at SF will be wearing these shirts whenever we're out on shoots or behind the scenes of any projects we take on. 

But t-shirts aren't the only places you'll be seeing this design. We'll be throwing it around here and there to give a fun vibe to our work and to remind you guys that Godzilla is a nice guy in general..

New T-Shirt Design!!
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