Antonio Pavlov - Founder

Antonio is the founder of Succession Films but he also plays many roles when it comes to production. From cinematography, to editing and visual effects as well as script writing, so he's definitely kept busy around here!.


A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Video and Film Production from Wolverhampton University means he knows how to get the job done right!

He is also a writer for Videomaker Magazine, which is located in California, and has covered many different topics from DIY equipment to editing and cinematography tips. To add to all of this, Antonio has also worked on feature films which helps add that important touch of professionalism to our work!

Musaddiqe Ahmed - Producer

Musaddiqe (a.k.a Mus or Moose) has been with the SF team for a few years now. He primarily acts as producer on our projects but also helps out in any other way he can.


Equipped with a BSc degree in Mathematics with Finance, he helps with our budgeting along with making sure Antonio doesn't buy planes or boats for all of our shoots.


He also happens to be a very talented artist and very often helps with storyboarding and conceptual drawings for larger film projects.

Maria Fanti - Producer

Coming from Cyprus, Maria adds that Mediterranean touch to our productions.


With a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcasting and Journalism from Wolverhampton University and a Masters in Television Production from Birmingham City University she certainly has the knowledge and experience of working on big projects. She brings even more experience to the table as she recently started working as a producer for a television channel in Cyprus on the show Proorismos Eftixia! (10 Points if you know what that name means)


Apart from being a producer on our projects she also acts as social media guru and gets our tweets out correctly. You can find her fashion blog here:

Teddy Mills - Assistant Director

Teddy is the youngest member of Succession Films. Not only does he act in some of our projects but he also helps with directing, camera work, and even some editing!


He also takes some of the "behind the scenes" roles such as boom op or general grip work. He adds a new creative element to the team and is always ready to go to the extremes to get a shot!

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Fun Fact! Maria's mum used to have a pet monkey!

Fun Fact! Musaddiqe can speak Japanese!

Fun Fact! Antonio is also a voice actor!

Fun Fact! Teddy is a skilled rock climber!

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Photos by: Antonio Pavlov